Retainer Options

Want easy, fast access to an attorney?

Wish you had an attorney to answer all your questions quickly?

Want to be on a first-name basis with an attorney you have on speed-dial?

You may want to look at our retainer option. 

In our retainer, you get access to unlimited questions, emails, and quick (under 15 minutes) calls for ONE PRICE A YEAR. For your convenience, for large projects (company acquisition, large contracts, negotiations, etc.) you also receive a 10% discount on our fee.

We believe that it is always better for our clients to ask questions before they act, and we aim to remove all the hurdles we can so our clients can feel comfortable coming to us. For each year, you have one intake process, and then you can take advantage of your legal access.

“How much will I have to contact you for it to be worth my money?” – 

Thanks for asking. Our attorneys charge $250-350/hour depending on the project, so you would only need to make about 16 calls in a year lasting around 15-minutes for your retainer to pay for itself! Not a phone person? Send us about 48+ emails a year and it will have paid for itself. 

“What’s in it for you?”- 

Well, believe it or not, we like keeping our clients happy. They tend to be loyal to us when they are happy. We also believe in making businesses grow, which is harder to do when you don’t consult an attorney at first and need to hire an attorney for cleanup after an incident. Cost management works best when you have an attorney throughout the process of a conflict, or even prior to a conflict. We want our clients focused on making their business a success, not on stressful legal matters. If we can avoid a problem before it starts, then you have more time to focus on your business.

At Diane Haag Law, we understand that our clients want options when it comes to payment. For your convenience we have two options available:

  • $1000 per year
  • $85 per month*

*This option is available via auto-pay only for a 12 month period. This option acts as a payment plan for the retainer. This option does auto-renew.