Pro Bono Services

Our firm is proud to offer select Pro Bono legal services for companies. We work with small companies who can demonstrate a financial hardship in limited matters to help keep their business compliant with laws and protected in the daily maintenance of their business.

Our firm only engages in one completely free case per year. All others are at reduced fee.

If you feel that you meet this financial hardship requirement, please fill out our Pro Bono Intake and Qualification Form


  • What is Pro Bono?
    • Pro Bono services are legal services provided at a significantly reduced fee. We work with our clients to establish an affordable rate for their business. Due to the nature of some services, we are unable to offer Pro Bono options for all services.
  • How do I qualify for Pro Bono Services?
    • Clients who demonstrate a significant financial hardship can be eligible for Pro Bono services. If you feel that you meet this requirement, please fill out our Pro Bono Intake and Qualification Form

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