Annual Retainer

We provide a yearly retainer to select small businesses and nonprofits.  The basic retainer includes unlimited calls and emails outside of a project/case, basic letters and calls, and a 10% discount on most projects.  This can be paid in full at the beginning of the retainer or via a monthly automatic withdrawal.

A benefit of this yearly retainer is the ongoing relationship your business have with our firm. Having this relationship will enable us to provide the most effective legal service that your company needs.  You can get answers easily in a quick call or email, rather than having to relay your story over and over again.

Other advantages that come with having an attorney on retainer include being able to more accurately predict and budget for your legal costs. You also don’t have to search for the right attorney when legal issues arise – you already have one. You also save money on fees that come up when you hire an attorney on an hourly basis.

Our retainer also can be customized to fit your needs. Let us know what your legal concerns and unique needs are, and we will be happy to tailor our services to your business.

To find out more about our retainer agreements, call our office or email us at

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